Happy Birthday Godzilla!!!


Fifty-three years ago today, the first Godzilla film was shown.

And the world has never been the same.

I love Godzilla!

I have seen all twenty-eight of his films (including the abomination).

I have them all on either video tape or DVD.

In addition, I have a huge collection of Godzilla action figures and assorted paraphenalia.

You could say that I am something of a fan…

I can remember seeing my first Godzilla films back in the Sixties, when our local movie theater would show “monster double features”.

That was in the day when your parents could drop you off at a theater with your friends, without any parental supervision. Ah, simpler times!

I remember that they would have two showings of each film, and in those days they didn’t clear the theater out after each showing, so we would stay for the first showing and then the repeat showing! It was great!

As I got older they would show a Godzilla film on TV from time to time, but, for the most part I didn’t get to see too much of the Big Guy for a good fifteen years…

Then, in the early Nineties I happened to be in a Toys R Us store (as Husband-san was looking to add to his Barbie collection) and while I was waiting for him to choose between Malibu Barbie and Suburban Shopper Barbie (I think that he got both…) I strolled down the action figure aisle.

Well, what did my fanboy eyes see but a HUGE assortment of Godzilla action figures!!

They had been made by a company called Trendmasters (who, sad to say, are no longer in business). There were all these different characters! Some of which I had never heard of!

I came to find out that Toho studios in Japan had started to make new Godzilla films!

The only problem was that they weren’t being shown here!

It was another lucky break for me that I happened to be in Boston about six months after I had discovered the Trendmasters toys, that I stopped by a store called Tokyo Kid.

They specialize in items from Japan.

Anime, Gundam, Ultraman. They have it all.

And wonder of wonders, they had Godzilla!

All of the films that I had never seen! On video!!

I bought every title that they had!

(Of course it was bootleg not strictly on the up and up, but I didn’t care!)

For many years after, they were my source whenever a new film came out, as the films were never released in the States.

It has only been in the last five years or so that you can see these films in some theaters in this country, and that you can buy these films in regular stores.

And with the Internet, the latest film or collectible is just a mouse click away!

With Godzilla: Final Wars being released a few years ago, it was said that Godzilla was going to be “retired”, but that’s what they said back in the late Seventies too.

You can’t keep a good Kaiju down!

Happy Birthday Godzilla!


The Gay Song

Courtesy of “Little Britain Live“!

Some of the lyrics are not safe for work, so enjoy it at home!

Ian Roberts Thursday

Keeping to a Rugby theme! Oooh Ian!!


Season’s Greetings!!

Just some friends of mine having a party! Happy Halloween!!!

Ben Cohen Tuesday

I love me my Ben!


Song for Ten

One of my favorite songs from Series Two of Doctor Who! Some clever soul has combined it with scenes from both Series One and Two! Enjoy!!

TV Meme


  • Favourite Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
  • Favourite Drama: Ugly Betty
  • Favorite Sci Fi/Fantasy: Doctor Who
  • Favourite Reality: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List
  • Favourite Mystery: The Hercule Poirot Mysteries
  • Favourite Animated: Camp Lazlo
  • Favourite Talk Show: Oprah
  • Favourite Show That Ended Too Soon: The Kumars at No. 42
  • Favourite New Show: Torchwood