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Sex Over the Phone

Talk about Gay!!

This little ditty is from the Village People. The 80’s version, that is.

You can see some of the original members in this video (Although I’m pretty sure it’s just the Leather Man, the Indian, and maybe the Cowboy) but, they’ve been all cleaned up and made “straight looking”! (Well, as much as you can make a Leatherman straight looking…)

There’s even a WOMAN in the video! What are they going to do with her? Go shopping?!

CAUTION! Some of the images and lyrics are a little risky, so enjoy this at home!


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The Gay Song

Courtesy of “Little Britain Live“!

Some of the lyrics are not safe for work, so enjoy it at home!

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This is a riot!!!

Be careful though. This is probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!

Although the language is in Telugu, the visuals might draw attention if you’re at work and someone sees your screen. Enjoy!! 

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Strawberry Short-Cut!

A handy little tip from the Tea House, for when you forget to make a dessert for the Bridge Club!

It’s almost as fabulous as Pickle Surprise!

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