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Season’s Greetings!!

Just some friends of mine having a party! Happy Halloween!!!


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Ben Cohen Tuesday

I love me my Ben!


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Song for Ten

One of my favorite songs from Series Two of Doctor Who! Some clever soul has combined it with scenes from both Series One and Two! Enjoy!!

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TV Meme


  • Favourite Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
  • Favourite Drama: Ugly Betty
  • Favorite Sci Fi/Fantasy: Doctor Who
  • Favourite Reality: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List
  • Favourite Mystery: The Hercule Poirot Mysteries
  • Favourite Animated: Camp Lazlo
  • Favourite Talk Show: Oprah
  • Favourite Show That Ended Too Soon: The Kumars at No. 42
  • Favourite New Show: Torchwood
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    On my drive home last night I noticed an old man, all bundled up, sitting on a lawn chair in his garage.

    He was just sitting there, by himself, watching the world go by.

    Although, as this was a side street, there wasn’t all that much “world going by” to see.

    It made me wonder why he would be doing that.

    It wasn’t as though it was a nice sunny day. It was rather gloomy and chilly.

    And yet there he was.

    A few thoughts occurred to me.

    Maybe he was escaping from his chatterbox wife!

    Maybe he was having a smoke.

    Maybe he, like so many people,  just wanted some alone time…

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    Overheard at the Mall

    I was at the Mall last night when I overheard a mother and her young daughter talking.

    Daughter: Mommy what time is it?

    Mother: I don’t know. If your father wasn’t so damn cheap, he could buy me a cellphone and then I would know what time it is!


    Lord knows that I would be lost without my cellphone! If I didn’t have it, why I’d never know what time it was!

    Watches? Clocks? Who needs them?!! I’ve got my cellphone!!

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    Tale of Two Commercials

    When we get ready for work in the morning we turn on the TV to the local news show.

    Usually the same local commercials play on this program every day.

    Most of them are for local car dealers, and I usually don’t pay much attention to them.

    But today I was watching a news segment, and when they went to commercial I actually watched a couple of the commercials that previously I had only listened to.

    And what I saw surprised me.

    The two ads were for area car dealerships that are both owned by the same family.

    One dealership is a “high end” dealership (BMW, Mercedes, etc…) in the city and the spokesperson is the owner’s daughter. A tall, slim, beautiful blonde dressed to impress.

    She would rattle off phrases such as “A life lived well is a life well lived.” and pose in a sexy “come f**k me” way.

    The other commercial is for this family’s “mid-range” dealership (Hyundai) located in a more rural area. Their spokesperson is this fresh faced girl, dressed in a polo shirt and jeans. She’s perched on top of one of the car hoods, and her hair is in pigtails.

    She rattles off phrases such as “We’re more than just a business. We’re your neighbor.” and she comes across as all wholesome and family oriented.

    Except that it’s the SAME GIRL as in the other commercial!

    They even change her name!

    In the high end commercial she is “Kimberlynn X”.

    In the mid range commercial she is “Kim X”.

    Talk about catering to your audience…

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